The Future of Driving

Some women like fancy handbags. Some women like cars.
And I really, really love cars. (Some women can like both of these things of course, but I am not one of those women)… so let us get back to cars.

I know what all of these things mean. *Pushes up nerd glasses while wearing driving gloves.*

But I don’t just sit here and talk about Corvettes and Mustangs.
When I talk cars, I talk:
Aston. Lambo. Beamer. Merc. Pagani. Bugatti. Mclaren. Ferrari. Maserati. Tesla.
If I type any more I’m going to have to start wiping drool off my keyboard.
Carrrrrbon Fiberrrr. *Insert Homer Simpson Doughnut Drool Noise.*

Things change lighting fast in the car industry. Now we have cars with WiFi. Cars with 1000BHP.
For me, it’s about a lot more than just the color of a car.
And I’m not the only one. Because future cars will be more fun!

The above link is an article from the BBC about the “Michelin Challenge Design, a project to discover cars of the future. On the contrary, he says, driverless cars inside cities could free up designers to focus on vehicles created for pleasure outside built-up areas.”

I’m not sure I like the idea of a driverless car… but I completely like this “pleasure outside built-up areas” thing he’s talking about.  In the video from the above link, he mentions cars built like sailing through curvy mountain roads.

Even racing is changing. Stricter tire regulations. Smaller engines. Less fuel consumption.
More recently, a new class of FIA auto racing has come into play called “Formula E” where drivers race electric cars. Let’s just say it’s not the same without the noise of F1 cars.

Racing electric cars? I know what you’re thinking… it doesn’t sound as exciting.

Formula E 2014 Beijing Finish Crash 0:14 second video. So, that isn’t quite true.

Even Tesla Motors’ man Elon Musk is building a huge battery factory for his cars in New Mexico. Not only that, but Tesla Motors is trying to cut out dealerships and sell directly to customers. On top of it all, Tesla Motors recently released use of their methods in hopes of bringing more electric cars and innovations to the world.

What does this mean for our future? More power. Less energy consumption. Oh, and innovative designs that may just blow Lamborghini’s brains.