Wireless Coverage Validation

AirMagnet Wireless Coverage Validation

Check out this youtube video of a live coverage validation!


What is it?

Oddly enough, AirMagnet Wireless Coverage Validation is similar to Cabling Certification in that it will test that a wireless network is preforming to a certain standard.  One of the key different is the design aspect.  Wireless design can be different depending on the requirements of the users and application.    Basically, we will walk around with a laptop, measure the wireless signal strength, record it on a map, and show you where there are coverage gaps.


Why pay for a coverage validation?

  • Coverage validation is, or should be anyway, required at the conclusion of a new or updated wireless installation.
  • If your wireless devices are mission critical, a coverage validation is required to prove coverage.
  • A Coverage Validation will, from the start, eliminate certain aspect of trouble shooting should problems arise.  This will make troubleshooting new deployments easier and more efficient.
  • The reports will assist with determining if there are other wireless interferers

How do you perform a wireless coverage validation?

  1. We ask you for a cad, sketch, or other drawing of your building or facility
  2. We add the location of existing APs to the map
  3. We upload the map to the AirMagnet software
  4. We schedule a time to walk EVERY square inch of your buildings
  5. We analyze the data
  6. We provide you with a report that either confirms the design or suggest modifications


How much does it cost?

AirMagnet coverage validation cost is associated with the size of your buildings.  However, if we do the design and install we provide you with a coverage validation because is included!  Depending on the size, complexity, and deployment, coverage validations range from $60 to $140 per 500-1000 sq ft.