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Hackers in Camden?

Hackers in Camden? So, I have been reading the information posted on social media today about the Camden IGA.  It seems that the Camden police department, along with the Sherriff’s office (Bobby Schneider), has reached a conclusion.  “System was hacked and a virus was installed on their server.”  The hard work of our police and …

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The Future of Driving

Some women like fancy handbags. Some women like cars. And I really, really love cars. (Some women can like both of these things of course, but I am not one of those women)… so let us get back to cars. MPG. MPH. BHP. RWD. 2TBO. ABS. IGN. RPM. I know what all of these things …

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We Can Move Stuff… With Lasers?! Yes! We can! This article via BBC makes me want to call out, “YEAH! Lasers!” “The researchers used a so-called hollow laser beam in a laboratory at the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra. The laser is bright around the edges and dark at its center,” BBC reports. Okay, so they only moved some …

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The History of Code Takeover and an Introduction This article from the BBC gives a view of code, early computing, and how it has brought us up to today—starting from 1679! This is a perfectly fitting piece of literature, considering I will be covering Humanity and the Technology of the Future for the topical purposes of my writings with Tech Force Onsite, …

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Phishing – ME!!!!

A few days ago, I posted an article about how to detect phishing schemes and report them.  Today, when I opened up my hotmail email account, I received the following email. Click on it to view larger size. A couple of things I would like to point out… The email address is (this is …

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iWhat? – Apple breaks records!

The New iPhone According to industry insiders, Apple has shattered their one quarter selling record for the popular iPhone.  The new iPhone is huge…  I mean, It. Is. Huge. The screen on the iPhone 6 is as big as some small tablet devices.  According to Apple’s website, the iPhone 6 Plus wields a 5.5″ screen.  The …

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Consulting – Technology

“No job is too big.” That’s the motto here at Tech Force Onsite, LLC.  Our staff has the knowledge to read blueprints, bid specifications, technology diagrams, and hold contractors responsible to these specifications. Fiber 50 mic mm or Fiber 62.5 mic mm?  Cat6 or Cat5e?  Does it need to be plenum rated?  Do you need …

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Security – Phishing Schemes

How to detect a phishing scheme